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The BMSS has a fund to assist members to make visits or attend meetings and conferences that are designed to promote or disseminate knowledge of mass spectrometry.

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This fund is dedicated to the memory of John Beynon, an eminent mass spectrometrist and one of the founding fathers of our Society. In a career spanning four decades, John Beynon visited and collaborated with many notable scientists and was awarded the BMSS Aston Medal to recognise his contributions to the field of mass spectrometry.


The application form for travel grant awards may be downloaded from the following link.

  John Beynon Conference and Travel Fund

Please return the completed application to the following address:

Dr Cris Lapthorn,
c/o BMSS Administrator
25 Burwardsley Way
Northwich, Cheshire,


Or email to:


Criteria for application


Assistance is only available to BMSS members of three calendar months standing at the time of application. Applications must be received no less than six weeks prior to travel; applications received less than six weeks prior to travel and retrospective applications WILL NOT be accepted.


All members are eligible to apply, however preference will normally be given to students and other early career researchers.


Only one application per person per calendar year (1 January to 31 December) will be considered, with a maximum of two UK meetings and one International meeting per 3-year cycle.


The Committee reserves the right to limit the number of awards made to any one organisation or department.


If attending a conference, the member should normally be presenting.


Applicants will be expected to seek an economical mode of transport.


The maximum award that can be made is normally limited to £250 for United Kingdom meetings and £300 for International meetings.


Applications to attend BMSS meetings and evidence of funding from other sources will be looked upon favourably.


The successful applicant will be asked to acknowledge the BMSS on their presentations by including a copy of the BMSS logo. This can be obtained from the General Secretary or the BMSS Administrator.


The successful applicant must produce a conference report and that report must be sent to the General Secretary of the BMSS within one month of the meeting end. Failure to do so will be looked on unfavourably for future grant applications, either personally or for the applicant’s supervisor.


The BMSS Committee may elect to publish the conference report in the BMSS Newsletter or on the BMSS Web Pages or in other similar BMSS material. Therefore the conference report should be of good quality and concise; two pages should be a maximum.

View the reports from previous travel grant recipients.

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