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We have compiled this list of links to other useful resources. This listing is by no mean comprehensive, and of course we are not responsible for the content of these sites. The views contained on other sites are not necessarily shared by the BMSS. We welcome suggestions for additional links.

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mass spectrometry and other useful resources

New, comprehensive web resource for Mass Spectrometry from Wiley
Oxford University's not-for-profit core proteomics and mass spectormetry facility. We offer proteomics services to UK and international academic research labs.
Chemistry Education Resource Guide Links to some 40 individual resources including study resources and chemistry teaching resources, as well as links to blogs, journals, podcasts and much more.
Chemsoc Network and access to National Chemical Societies services and chemistry information
World wide club for the Chemical Community, membership currently free.
Useful site, occasional joint meetings with BMSS
Excellent site, US, European and Japanese patents with full text images
comprehensive web site dedicated to mass spectrometry and mass  
Mass spectrometry and biotechnology resource
USA based resource for LC/MS conferences, training, equipment etc.
Link to an interactive website that showcases global MS research and provides an educational timeline
[MSC] is a brand new, free web portal for the international mass spec community. [MSC] covers mass spectrometry - News - People - Product - Deals & - Organisations worldwide.
Iowa State University's guide to mass spectrometry (under construction)
Biological mass spectrometry training and consultancy
free searchable physical properties database, including mass spectra (available under molecular weight search)
archive of communications posted to the ICP-MS listserver
Free WWW resource for protein MS and analysis, hosted by Rockefeller and New York Universities
portal to science and technology resources on the Internet
Home Page of the sci.techniques.mass-spec newsgroup, including archive material
searchable Web Site covering a wide range of SIMS topics
Helps consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing  laboratory equipment and provides, industry news,  jobs, conferences, editorial features and links to other key sites 
Analytical Chemistry springboard contains very good links to Mass Spectrometry Resources
Periodic Table of the elements; includes isotope pattern calculator


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