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Aston Medal

The Aston Medal was established by the British Mass Spectrometry Society in 1987.  As the Society's prestigious scientific award, it is to be given to individuals deserving special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to knowledge in the biological, chemical, engineering, mathematical, medical, or physical sciences relating directly to mass spectrometry.

BMSS Medal

The British Mass Spectrometry Society established the BMSS Medal in 2002 at the 115th meeting of the BMSS committee. This very occasional award is established to recognise sustained contributions by individual members of the British Mass Spectrometry Society to the development of mass spectrometry, primarily within the UK. The awardee will be a product champion of mass spectrometry, developing student and individual education, increasing awareness of mass spectrometry and its utility in science, through long-term contributions to the BMSS and/or scientific literature and the representation of mass spectrometry within the wider scientific community.

Holders of the Aston and BMSS Medals

Award of Life membership of the BMSS

Life membership of the British Mass Spectrometry Society is a prestigious award given to members of the Society who have made a significant contribution to the practice of mass spectrometry in the U.K. or, perhaps more importantly in this case, to the Society itself.

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