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Award of Life membership of the BMSS

Life membership of the British Mass Spectrometry Society is a prestigious award given to members of the Society who have made a significant contribution to the practice of mass spectrometry in the UK, whether through providing a reliable and excellent service, expanding the exposure of mass spectrometry beyond the mass spectrometry community, education or, perhaps more importantly in this case, supporting and promoting the Society itself. The BMSS strives to reflect the diversity of the Society in these honouree memberships.

  • It is not the intention to give this award to members on approaching retirement age on an automatic basis and indeed most members of the Society will probably not satisfy the award criteria.
  • It is expected that no more than two life memberships will be awarded in any year.
  • It is expected that those receiving the award will continue to maintain some involvement in the activities of the Society, e.g. continued attendance at meetings, assisting the BMSS committee.

Life membership means just that, membership of the Society for the remainder of the member’s life. It does not include any other Society benefits, such as free attendance at meetings or reduced subscription to journals, which would not also be free to other members of the Society.

Potential life membership is therefore to be considered for longstanding members of the Society who have attained a respected position within the UK mass spectrometry community. They should have been members of the Society for a significant part of their career and have made notable contributions to the Society. It is expected that such a person would have attended and made regular scientific contributions at meetings sponsored by the Society throughout their career and/or have played a role in the organisation and running of some of those meetings.

Candidates for consideration as life members must be nominated by a member of the Society and supported by at least two others who need not be members of the Society. Nominations must be received by the BMSS administrative office by 20th April for consideration of awarding at the next annual meeting, or otherwise appropriate event. Nominations will be kept on file and reassessed annually. Unsuccessful nominations will expire on the third anniversary of their submission.

Each application will be reviewed by the Advisory Board with the final decision made by the Officers of the Society.

The life membership nomination for is available here in either PDF or MS Word format.

BMSS Life Members as of September 2017

Professor Michael Baldwin
Professor John Beynon  -  deceased
Dr John Chapman - deceased
Dr Eddie Clayton
Professor Graham Cooks
Dr Frank Cottee
Dr Stanley Evans
Professor Dai E Games - deceased
Mr Brian N Green
Dr Neville Haskins - deceased
Professor John L Holmes
Professor Ed Houghton
Professor Keith Jennings
Professor Tony Mallet
Professor John J Monaghan
Professor Nico M M Nibbering - deceased
Mr Patrick Powers
Professor John F J Todd
Professor Henry W Wilson
Professor Frank Pullen
Professor Gareth Brenton
Professor Alison Ashcroft
Mrs Anna Upton
Dr Mira Doig
Mr Peter Ryan
Dr Peter Baugh
Dr Mervyn Lewis


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