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BMSS Medal

The British Mass Spectrometry Society established the BMSS Medal in 2002 at the 115th meeting of the BMSS committee.  This very occasional award is established to recognise sustained contributions by individual members of the British Mass Spectrometry Society to the development of mass spectrometry, primarily within the UK.  The awardee will be a product champion of mass spectrometry, developing student and individual education, increasing awareness of mass spectrometry and its utility in science, through long-term contributions to the BMSS and/or scientific literature and the representation of mass spectrometry within the wider scientific community. 


To honour individuals deserving special recognition by reason of their outstanding and sustained contributions to the British Mass Spectrometry Society in the development of mass spectrometry, primarily within the UK.


Open to academic and industrial scientists who have worked in the UK. The nominee does not necessarily have to be a member of BMSS or a British citizen.


Full details of the criteria for the award of the BMSS Medal (as with other BMSS awards) will be posted continuously on the BMSS web site and occasionally in the Newsletter and any other media of advertisement, which the committee deem appropriate. Advertisement will be made at a date that allows members sufficient time to make nominations to the selection committee together with the current address where to submit nominations.


Any nomination must have a minimum two supporters who MUST be current BMSS members. Other supporters, who are not members of the BMSS, can support an application. Further, the following criteria must be met :
Nominations must include

  • at least one letter of recommendation
  • support from at least one person not associated with the same area/company/institution as the nominee
  • be received in the BMSS administrative office by 20th April in the year of nomination.

Selection Committee

This will comprise the BMSS Committee, or a sub-committee nominated by the BMSS Committee. Selection will be made by this committee which will comprise at least six scientists. The BMSS Chair will usually chair the selection committee. The selection committee will usually meet on the same date as the BMSS Committee prior to the Annual Meeting. Any person associated with a nomination will not be permitted to participate in the consideration or decision making process for the award of the medal.

Frequency of the Award

The award will be infrequent. The Medal will not be associated with a particular year or period of years.

Announcement and Presentation of the BMSS Medal

The announcement and presentation of the award will usually be made at the Annual Meeting of the BMSS. The BMSS Chairman will usually make the award. In years where no annual meeting falls, and an award is made, the timing of the announcement and award date will be left to the discretion of the selection committee, and in consultation with the BMSS committee if a sub-committee is used for selection.

The Award

A medal with a certificate commemorating the Award duly signed by the BMSS Chairman and BMSS President.

BMSS Medal Holders

Professor Edward Houghton
Professor Anthony Mallet
Professor John J Monaghan
Professor Frank S Pullen


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