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We have compiled this list of links to manufacturers. This listing is by no mean comprehensive, and of course we are not responsible for the content of these sites. The views contained on other sites are not necessarily shared by the BMSS. We welcome suggestions for additional links.

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Mass spectrometer servicing
LC/MS/MS & MALDI TOF/TOF for Protein & Small Molecule Analysis. Also provide mass spectrometry applications and products
MS and spectral data management and interpretation
Systems to improve the performance of mass spectrometry
Organic and inorganic mass spectrometry systems
A software development company experienced in Waters, Agilent and other equipment./M
Calibration mixtures, ultra high purity analytical gases and gas handling equipment
Magnetic Sector MS
Liquid handling, chromatography, chemical and biochemical analysis.
GC-MS, GC-TOFMS and GCXGC-TOFMS amongst other techniques, and training and method development.
Columns and accessories for HT-LC-MS and specialised front end solutions for metabolomics and protein/peptide analysis.
Congenial furniture for spectrometrists.
Quadrupole MS/M
ToF, electrospray, high resolution, high mass instruments
US sister company of the above
Supplier of detectors and electron multipliers for mass spectrometry, successor company to Galileo
Stable Isotope supplies
Stable Isotope suppliers (rare gases and metals)
ChemSW's page of Windows software for mass spectrometry
ColVisTec develops, adapts, and applies unique technology & software solutions based on in-line UV-Vis spectrophotometry to the paint, pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical industries
Good range of stable isotope labelled organics and inorganics
CSols is a laboratory informatics company, formed in 1990, whose dedicated passion is to maximize your return on investment by improving the effectiveness, productivity and quality of laboratories of all types.
QMS supplier to end user and oem and designers. Upgrades to other mfg quadrupoles with new electronics and sw. Bespoke and re badged systems and sw to oems.
MS analyses - low resolution and accurate mass
Stable Isotope supplies
Instrument Servicing, Integrated Quadrupole Microsystems, System Design, Upgrades, Training Courses
Fasmatech Custom Mass Spectrometer Instrumentation (TOF, MALDI, IMS, DMS), Particle Image Velocimetry, Ion Optics, Vacuum Aerodynamics.
Flowmend Sales, Service and support of ÄKTA Chromatography systems and amino acid analysers throughout the UK and Europe.
GeneBio Phenyx software platform for proteomics MS data analysis
Resource for warrantied, recycled mass spectrometry equipment
Analytical equipment and systems
Nebulizers, Spray chambers and Torches for ICP/MS
FTICR, MALDI-TOF, GC/MS, Ion Traps, ICPMS, upgrades
Independent contract laboratory. offering mass spectrometry and other services
Quadrupole MS, Plasma diagnostics, gas analysers
Supplier of GC-IMS systems;Used to separate, quantify and identify a wide range of volatile organic compounds down to very low ppb levels. Instruments can be laboratory, online and field based have a small footprint and can use air as a carrier gas
ISO-accredited laboratory providing information, technical support, and chemical standards
IONICS designs, builds and provides highly sensitive, robust triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS instruments for the life sciences
Imaging ToF MS and Cluster Ion Sources
Mass spectrometry and biotechnology resource
FTMS instruments
High precision isotope ratio mass spectrometry and consultancy
Enriched Stable Isotope Products
Manufacturer of stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers
UK-based manufacturer of Thermal Ionization (TIMS) mass spectrometers
Magnetic Sector MS
Jaytee Biosciences Ltd Mass spectrometer servicing
Kinesis RSS Ltd Manufacturers of ultra high purity analytical gas generators for the Life Science, Chemical Analysis and Spectroscopy sectors.
KR Analytical AP-MALDI ion sources, quadrupole systems, mass spectrometry acquisition and processing software, gas generators and syringe pumps.
KRSS Support, maintenance, reconditioned instruments and parts, upgrades, software and consulting.
LC Services Ltd. Maintenance and support of mass spectrometer, HPLC and GC front-end.
High speed GC-TOFMS, GCxGC and High resolution TOFMS.
Vacuum systems, small mass spectrometers, vacuum gauges and related equipment
Service and support of MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometer systems and LCMS systems throughout Europe.
Bench-top time-of-flight mass spectrometers (BenchTOF™) for GC and GC×GC
Analytical forensic chemists, specialising in drugs and explosives detection
Magnetic Sector MS and Data Systems
Specilaise in the movement and relocation of Mass Spectrometers from single instruments to whole labs anywhere in Europe.
Mass Spec Service Solutions Support, maintenance, reconditioned instruments and parts, upgrades, software and consulting.
Service and repair of Mass Spectrometers
Instrument Servicing and Repair, Spares, Pre-owned instruments
Mascot search engine to identify proteins from primary sequence databases using mass spectrometric data
Provider and developer of next generation MS instruments
Mass spectrometry consultants and analysts
Mass Spectrometer Service and Repair for ABSciex/Waters+Micromass/Thermo instruments. Supply of fully refurbished systems to meet any budget.
UK-based manufacturer of noble gas isotope ratio mass spectrometers
Manufacturers of laboratory and light industrial on-site Gas Generators.
Multicollector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-MS)
High Resolution ICP-MS (HR-ICP-MS)
Noble Gas MS Isotope Ratio MS (IRMS)
High Resolution Glow Discharge MS (HR-GD-MS)
Papabravo Scientific Supplies Mass spectrometry, chromatography supplies, K & M electron multipliers, filament repairs
Parker Balston Range of products, including nitrogen generators for electrospray and APCI mass spectrometers
Parker Domnick Hunter

Manufacturers of ultra high purity analytical gas generators for the Life Science, Chemical Analysis and Spectroscopy sectors

Peak Scientific

Our range of products – including small to large scale nitrogen and hydrogen systems- are smoother, quieter and more efficient than anything else on the market.

Perkin Elmer

Providing you with the right technology for inorganic or organic compounds mass spectrometry analysis. PerkinElmer’s offers a range of instruments, software and support for MS.

Vacuum pumps and systems
Premier Control Technologies Premier Control Technologies are supplies of mass flow meters and controllers for gas and liquids as well as pressure control devices.
Prep Chroma Prep LC, LCMS training and Chromatography supplies
Nitrogen generators for ESI and APCI
Prolytic is a GLP- and GMP-certified laboratory in the fields of bioanalytics and pharmacokinetics. Mainly we support our customers during pre-clinical and clinical studies, but also offer further analytical services.
StageTips for micropurification, nano ES ion sources and emitters, EASY-nLC for nanoscale chromatography, ProteinCenter for data interpretation.
QMX Laboratories Suppliers of reference standards and stable isotopes.
Mass spectrometry supplies, software, etc., including some free web calculation programs.
Helps consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing  laboratory equipment and provides, industry news,  jobs, conferences, editorial features and links to other key sites.
Providing solutions for LCMS, GCMS and MALDI mass spectrometry, as well as chromatography, spectroscopy and elemental analysis
Software4Labs Ltd A company that specializes in supplying innovative commercial > Mass Spectrometry analysis packages.
SpectralWorks Ltd A software company dedicated to providing innovative software solutions for specific scientific problems targeted for markets within the life sciences industry. They specialize in MS data mining and open access mass spectrometry solutions.
SpectroServ LC & GC MS service and sales for all Waters/Micromass instruments.
SPEX Europe SPEX Europe represent SPEX CertiPrep, SPEX SamplePrep and Katanax who manufacture Certified Reference materials and laboratory equipment such as homogenisers, cryogenic mills, presses and fusion fluxers that are used for preparing samples for a wide range of analytical techniques.
Swift Analytical Ltd Swift Analytical is a scientific marketing company. We also offer a range of solid phase extraction devices for sample purification for mass spectrometry, MALDI, HPLC and electrophoresis. We also offer methods for enzymatic reactions and affinity purifications.
Quadrupole GC/MS and LC/MS, Magnetic sector, Quadrupole, Ion trap, Orbitrap(tm), FT-ICR, Isotope Ratio MS, ICP/MS and TIMS
UK Flowtechnik Ltd manufacture and supply flow meters, instrumentation, specialist pumps, magnetic coupling and hydraulic components for the most demanding of applications.
Catalogue of isotopes and prices
Ion Trap GC/MS, MS/MS and MSn
Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography recruitment specialists - offering permanent and temporary staffing solutions in the UK and across Europe.
Supplies products to biotech, industrial, educational, pharmaceutical & governmental organisations. Offers an expansive choice of chemicals, furniture, equipment, apparel, instruments & consumables from leading scientific manufacturers.
HPLC equipment and ZQ mass  spectrometer, Quadrupole, TOF, Magnetic Sector, MS/MS, Isotope Ratio MS andICP/MS


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