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BMSS is 50!
 In celebration of this the BMSS lecturer, Mike Morris, has given this presentation 
 to honour our amazing history.

This year at our annual meeting the committee presented a poster about the Society's history. This BMSS@50 poster can be downloaded by clicking on the picture.


Anyone who attended ASMS this year in Baltimore, USA would have seen a second poster also celebrating 50 fabulous years of BMSS.  All the information on the poster was collated and written by Keith Jennings, Alison Ashcroft and Susan Crosland.  The poster was designed and arranged by Michael Grayson, the ASMS archivist, and his team.  Our thanks go to all mentioned, and ASMS for enabling this to happen.

For those who were not able to attained ASMS, or those of you who would like to read this amazing history at their leisure, please click here to download the poster.





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