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This list contains requests for help on technological matters pertaining to mass spectrometry, job adverts, and details of equipment wanted and for sale.

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This service is managed by JISC - the Joint Information Systems Committee. JISCmail is a mailing list service sponsored by the JISC, for the UK Higher and Further Education communities, enabling members to stay in touch and share information by e-mail or via the web.

Our policy is to automatically sign up any BMSS member, but if you do not wish to be signed up please state this when you apply for membership. If you are not a BMSS member you can still join the list.

JISCmail is based on a Listserv system which is hosted and run by a dedicated team at the CCLRC's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.


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This is a moderated forum, and guidance will be provided with the sign-up email. If you have problems with this service please email us at:

You may leave the list at any time by sending an email with SIGNOFF BMSS-NEWS in the subject line to:


'How to' guide to using the BMSS JiscMail mailing list and FAQ.

1.  What is the BMSS JiscMail mailing list?
This mailing list was originally set up about 10 years ago by Prof. Perdita Barran to facilitate inter-group communication in mass spectrometry. The mailing list uses the non-profit JiscMail service based in Newcastle.  JiscMail is a LISTSERV mailing list, and they spend a lot of effort pruning emails to minimise spam.

2.  Content allowed on the BMSS JiscMail mailing list.
Since JiscMail is a nonprofit academic group, the content of emails on the mailing list must also be non-commercial.  To facilitate, and to minimise spam, the BMSS JiscMail service is set up to be moderated.

3.  Who can join the BMSS JiscMail mailing list?
Anyone, provided you don't mind the occasional extra emails about mass spectrometry.

4. Where do I send emails to get them sent to the mailing list?
Send emails directly to 'BMSS-NEWS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK'.  They will be bounced to the moderators who will approve them for sending on.  Format your emails for the final reader.

5.  What happens to my email when I submit?
It gets sent to the moderators appointed by the BMSS committee.  Any one of the moderators can then approve the email to get set on to the group.  It usually takes seconds, so does not greatly limit the transmissions of emails and lets us minimise the spread of spam.  In the last year, approximately half the incoming emails are spam, which we prevent from being transmitted.

6.  Are job adverts allowed?
Sometimes, depending on whether the job advert fits to JiscMail's 'non-commercial, academic' rules.  If the job advert is obviously academic, such as a PhD studentship or a PDRA position in a University, then yes.  If it is in industry, then no (but the BMSS website will happily host the job advert for a nominal fee).  More complex cases involve a judgment call by the moderators.

Overall, the BMSS JiscMail service is a handy tool for all of us to communicate broadly about mass spectrometry.

Any further queries regarding JiscMail should be sent to the moderators via the BMSS Administrator ( with additional information available through



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