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The Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Special Interest Group

The range of applications using ion mobility mass spectrometry has enjoyed a dramatic increase over the past eight years, driven both by the advent of commercial instrumentation and the need for novel technologies for structural characterisation. A number of UK groups are focused on the development and application of ion mobility approaches, and many other research areas are starting to benefit from this form of analysis. Given the rapidly expanding interest in this area, we thought it timely to form a BMSS special interest group to capitalize on this and promote further use, to educate new and established users in its capabilities, and to develop new initiatives, in particular for sharing techniques and resources.

So far we have hosted two SIG one day meetings. The first was in April 2013 at UCB Pharma (attendance 75), and the most recent in July 2014 at the MIB University of Manchester (attendance 84).  Both meetings contained exciting programmes of presentations that showcased the excellent work in ion mobility mass spectrometry that is taking place both in the UK.

SIG Meeting July 2015
The third meeting was on the 7th/8th July 2015 at the University of Liverpool. In addition to incorporating almost a day of training lectures that proved to be extremely successful last year, we are also included a focus session on the application of IM-MS to the area of glycan analysis.

For more details about this SIG please contact the SIG co-leader's:

Perdita Barran, Justin Benesch and Claire Eyers


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