Environmental and Food Analysis SIG

The objectives of the Environmental and Food Analysis SIG are to cater for the needs of users of mass spectrometry and chromatography who have particular interests in environmental applications.


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Potential users are many and varied, ranging through medical and environmental science and health labs, regulatory bodies, water companies, consultant and public analysts and environmental sections within industrial organisations.

EFASIGatWWEM2018 Environmental & Food Analysis SIG Meeting
November 21 or 22, 2018

EFASIG have been invited to take part, and hold a meeting at the WWEM2018 Conference, Exhibition and Workshops, which will be held at The International Centre, Telford on November 21st & 22nd, 2018.

Delegates and presenters attending the meeting will be able to register free, as visitors, which will be possible, when activated, by visiting the WWEM2018 website and clicking on the following link:

A formal announcement of the meeting, theme of the meeting and invitation to attend & present will be uploaded in the near future. For further information, and if you wish to express your interest in participating, please contact:

Peter Baugh via 

If you would like to join the Environmental and Food Analysis Mass Spectrometry SIG and be included on a mailing list, please contact:

SIG Leader
Dr Peter J Baugh
23, Priory Road,
M33 2BU

Tel:  44 (0) 161 973 7032
Fax:  44 (0) 161 912 2644

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