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The objectives of the Environmental and Food Analysis SIG are to cater for the needs of users of mass spectrometry and chromatography who have particular interests in environmental applications.


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Potential users are many and varied, ranging through medical and environmental science and health labs, regulatory bodies, water companies, consultant and public analysts and environmental sections within industrial organisations.

EFASIG2017 Meeting, July 19, 2017

To highlight and focus on recent advances in the innovations of chromatography-mass spectrometry applied to environmental & food matrix analysis.

Meeting Summary and Details to date.

Keynote Speakers:

  1.  Prof. Steve Rowland, University of Plymouth, Session 1
    Isolation, characteristation, environmental occurrence and toxicity of polar fractions from crude oils

  2. Dr Michael Wilde, University of Leicester, Early Career Researcher,         Session 2
    Real time analysis and multi-dimensional separations: Geochemical and medical applications

Topics suggested:

  • Chromatographic Studies of Jetsam and Ambergris
  • Class Type Separation of Polar and Apolar Components of Petroleum

Participating Speakers:

  1. Bob Green, SepSolve, Dual-channel GC×GC-FID for routine TPH Analysis
  2. Dr John Thompson,University Of Birmingham, Robust Compositional Data Analysis
  3. Chris Hopley, LGC, Title to be announced
  4. Sonja Grosshauser, RSSL, Introduction to PTR-MS
  5. Pilar Carr, Advion, Mass Spectra from a TLC plate in 30 secs
  6. Justin Frosina, BAT, Vapeomics
  7. Dan Carrier, Anatune, SPE and Twister to enhance heptachlor and heptachlor epoxide (pg/l) from water using GC-QTOF in NCI mode.
  8. Kevin Fernandes, Imspex, tba

Posters submitted:
Bob Green (1), John Moncur (1), John Thompson (2)

Exhibitors, provisional: 
Advion (Pilar Carr), 
Imspex (Kevin Fernandes),
 Kinesis (Alison Cleeve),  
Sepsolv (Bob Green),
Spectralworks (John Moncur), 
Thamesrestek (Russell Howarth)

This meeting is open to all organizations and institutions with interests in environmental mass spectrometry utilising chromatography and mass spectrometry across the spectrum of instrumentation and applications. Oral and poster presentations are invited for which abstracts (1 x A4) should be submitted by e-mail attachment to Chris Wright ( ) within two weeks of the meeting date, inclusive of title, presenter underlined, other authors, dept/division, affiliation, town/city location but not full address.

Registration forms are available on request by e-mailing for completion by the final deadline of June 30, 2017 or by downloading here.

Please note that presentations by postgraduates, early career scientists and experienced practitioners working in the areas within the remit of EFASIG are welcome so that there is a blend between the established and new. Invited keynote speakers to the sessions will be representative of both groups.

The organisers would appreciate your support and attendance as for previous meeetings.

Chris Wright 
Peter J Baugh 
Chris Smith 

Please visit the Analytical Methodology Centre website for further information and details.

If you would like to join the Environmental and Food Analysis Mass Spectrometry SIG and be included on a mailing list, please contact:

SIG Leader
Dr Peter J Baugh
23, Priory Road,
M33 2BU

Tel:  44 (0) 161 973 7032
Fax:  44 (0) 161 912 2644

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