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The objectives of the Environmental and Food Analysis SIG are to cater for the needs of users of mass spectrometry and chromatography who have particular interests in environmental applications.


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Potential users are many and varied, ranging through medical and environmental science and health labs, regulatory bodies, water companies, consultant and public analysts and environmental sections within industrial organisations.

The EFASIGatWWEM2016 meeting will be held during the WWEM2016 conference & exhibition at The International Centre, Telford, Shropshire, on November 2nd, 2016. Pre-registration for the meeting, free of charge, should be made by accessing the WWEM website. The scientific programme for the meeting is now available.

The organizers are extremely pleased to announce that Professor Luigi Mondelo, University of Messina, Messina, Italy has agreed to deliver the keynote presentation entitled GCxGC/MS and LCxLC/MS for the Analysis of Environmental and Food Matrices.

A brief description of the focus and main theme of the meeting is given below.

Applications of chromatography mass spectrometry with a focus on aspects of comprehensive techniques to solve environmental problems.

Developments in comprehensive chromatographic and ion mobility techniques coupled with mass spectrometry have been wide ranging in the past several decades. There have been many applications in environmental fields none more so than in the monitoring of a wide range of analytes of environmental significance in water and waste matrices. The added capability of multidimensional techniques has enhanced the power to resolve and identify target analytes more uniquely.

There will be a focus on two dimensional techniques in addition to general conventional methods.

EFA SIG Meeting 2016 Flyer.

2015 Meeting

Young Scientists and Researchers Environmental & Food Analysis SIG Meeting,

October 28, 2015.
The Auditorium, BAT Research & Development, Southampton  SO15 8T

The Young Scientists and Researchers Environmental and Food Analysis Special Interest Group Meeting, EFASIG2015, was a great success attracting eight early career postgraduates and researchers from universities, commercial organisation and research institutes.

If you would like to join the Environmental and Food Analysis Mass Spectrometry SIG and be included on a mailing list, please contact:

SIG Leader
Dr Peter J Baugh
23, Priory Road,
M33 2BU

Tel:  44 (0) 161 973 7032
Fax:  44 (0) 161 912 2644

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